Creating Web Content and Blog Posts

As a freelance copywriter, my mission is to write engaging articles and website content that people will enjoy reading and find useful.

There are a number of reasons a business may reach out and ask me to create content for their web page or blog. Because it can be easier for me to step into the shoes of the consumer, I am able to craft a clear and concise message about a business, product, or service, having identified the Unique Selling Propositions of each.

The articles I write provide solutions to problems, hone brand messaging, or deliver general or highly specific information, depending on the project and needs of the client. Whether writing web page content or blog posts, promoting SEO is always driving the process.

The tone might be earnest, humorous, or educational, but above all, I strive to write content that is easy to read and free from unnecessary gibberish.


Blog Posts

Websites need relevant, up-to-date articles posted to their blogs on a regular basis. Researching topics and delivering well-written blog posts that naturally incorporate the relevant keywords needed to drive traffic is my jam.

Website Pages

Businesses that need new or updated websites often need help to create the necessary content for their pages. I dig deep, learning about the business, and researching competitors in order to craft original, keyword-rich content.

Product Descriptions

Product description writing requires the ability to tell a story in a concise, accessible manner, using natural language while focusing on the benefits of the product. Not only do I get that; I love it!

LinkedIn Profiles

Few things are as challenging as writing about ourselves. My Human Resources experience guides me through the process of truly understanding a person’s skills and strengths, gaining the insight to write unique, inviting profiles.

Product Reviews

A well-written, product-centered review investigates the benefits and drawbacks of a product, shedding light and providing an unbiased opinion. On-line reviews are essential to any business today.



Grammar and punctuation are essential but creating clear messaging and cutting out fluff is the goal of a second set of eyes. I distill written copy into its essence to create a more powerful message.


Working with Tracey is a pleasure. She spent time with every member of our Omni team in order to glean a full picture of our company and products. As a result, our marketing materials took on a new level of clarity and accuracy. We look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

Jane Christensen

Founder and CEO, Omni Bioceutical Innovations

We couldn’t be more pleased with the website and numerous pages of content Tracey wrote for us. Writing comprehensive, yet understandable, content about Medical Malpractice, Insurance Bad Faith, Wrongful Death and the different areas of Personal Injury law that we cover took a tremendous amount of time and diligence. In the end, it paid off as the result speaks for itself.

Kurt Hammond

Partner, Rudolph & Hammond

Tracey tackles content writing tasks with enthusiasm and produces interesting, easy to read copy that hits the mark every time, often with little or no direction. Working with Tracey as part of the web design team at No Borders is a joy. She is eager to produce whatever we need written and delivers on time. I hope to work with her for many years to come.

Carmella Triosi-Hoerr

Partner, Timberina

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